About Tony's Tower

Located at 4 Tower St, Selkirk TD7 4LR, Tony’s Tower is a unique takeaway where you can order mouthwatering Pizzas, Kebabs, juicy Burgers, golden crispy Fish and Chips, Pakoras and other delicious dishes.

If you ask any local resident in Selkirk “Where can I order the best fish and chips near me?” You will hear the name, “Tony's Tower Takeaway.”

Do you like to have a great starter or side dish before the meal? Our chef’s offer is Mixed Pakora, one of Tony's best choices. Our great taste comes from the unique and secret spices and sauces that places our meals apart from our competitors. One taste, and you'll see why it's a local favourite.

Our first priority is staff and customers, and through the Covid-19 pandemic we have given extra importance to our hygienic packaging of our dishes so that you can order with peace of mind.

Would you like to get your order on your doorstep? With our no-contact home delivery, you will get your order delivered straight to your door!

Special thanks for visiting our website.

In case you need a refund for your order or face any issues through the payment process, please call the shop and they will help you after checking it with PayEat, if you couldn't reach the shop, you can get in touch with us directly through 0330 113 3463.

If you’re not happy with your order and need to get in touch with the shop related to your order, use the following number: 0175020272

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